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Friday, July 30, 2010

Today's Lessons.....

Lessons worth pondering from today's discourses:
1.Never think about what others are thinking about you.Our way of living should be free from this bondage and according to the inspiration which comes from within.
2.Do not expect anything whatsoever from anyone whosoever, be it materials,praise or love.
3.Leave the things after trying your best.Let it happen the way it has to happen.I remember,somewhere I read:
"For every ill beneath the sun
There is remedy or none
If there be one,resolve to find it
If not,submit and never mind it"
So do your best and leave the rest.
4.Every event good or bad has to pass sooner or later.Life itself is a passing show.
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  1. I have read this post more than once and each time, it calms me down and brings peace to my mind.

    I have a question, if you could answer here, it would be great.

    I sometimes feel that if I continuously think like this post, then I will lose all desires to achieve and I would not want anthing. And that that would lead me to doing nothing, the lazy person that I am. So I start feeling guilty and then forcefully drive this feeling of satisfaction away from my mind. Can you give me a few points on how to be peaceful but still keep the motivation to be moving ahead??

  2. I was about to post an article which may answer your query.

  3. Good thoughts aunty :)
    We all stand to benefit a little from adopting these policies.