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Friday, July 23, 2010


DNA Molecule display, Oxford UniversityImage by net_efekt via Flickr
Of late I have started feeling that the world is nothing but a chemical composition.Everything inside or outside our body is a manifestation of chemical reactions.Origin of the physical body is a series of chemical reactions.A few atoms combine to form amino acids,sugars etc.which in turn make Proteins,carbohydrates etc. consequently along with other molecules a body is formed.
When it comes to thoughts,these are chemical reactions which govern our thoughts(as I read in some psychology book)and thoughts trigger chemical reactions according to their intensities and this vicious circle goes on life long.
So I think no one is sinner no one is saint in this world,everyone being  victim of chemical reactions governed by particular environmental conditions and internal chemistry.
The information about how our body is going to behave in future is also stored as biochemicals in genes.The sequence of certain molecules in DNA governs the particular characteristic,which in turn may be governed by acquired information from parental genes which are nothing but chemical entities.
We are friends or foes according to the chemistry(thoughts) we share.So no one is to be awarded for being exceptional human being and no one is to be blamed for being below average.
It is chemi-entities to be held responsible.
Let's all rest in peace.

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