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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I AM NEVER ISOLATE.....(from my old diary...part 1)

I am never ISOLATE

I know my destination, thou' do not know the way
Let me move on, am not going to stay

Here I go, I am not alone
The whole nature accompanies, me all along

I can hear, the call of river
Dancing before me, allays my fear

Chirping birds,singing songs
Empower my feet,make me strong

Winds scratch past, whispering in my ears
Time is less, move fast o'dear

Clouds smile, giving me salute
Shower their blessings, what a tribute!

Fragrance of flowers, keeps rejuvenate
Filled with gratitude, bow to all my mates

Who says I am alone, I am never Isolate
I am never isolate, Iam never Isolate

(This piece of poetry is from my old diary, written when I was sixteen years old)


  1. you wrote this when u were 16???? wow
    a teen philosopher u were!
    nice one

  2. @SUB
    Thanks for taking out time to visit the post!
    I remember I read in your post something like that we think whatever we are made to think. Likewise we are whatever we are made by HIM.

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. My favoutrite of all time!!

  4. Really Great! Bachpan se hi shayar ho :)